Modern Bunk Beds

Modern Bunk Beds
Guard rails are the most important accessories for bunk beds; they prevent the child from slipping down gaps, trapping their heads, or falling from the bed while sleeping. If you don't want to put your children on elevated beds but space is still at a premium in your family's home, trundle beds are a safer option. The lower bed can slide back in after use.
Modern Bunk Beds and Sofa

If you really must have bunk beds for your children's room, make sure that you place your child under nine years old at the bottom bunk, as it has been found out that children under this age have particularly high rate of injury in bunk beds. In order to achieve a space-efficient but fun and comfortable environment for their kids, parents often choose to invest in kids beds that are organized space savers, such as kids bunk beds or cool new trundle beds.

Modern Minimalis Bunk Beds
If you have a large family living in a small home, it is time to discover the magical space-saving properties of metal bunk beds! For children, you will find a vast variety of metal bunk beds, some of them in whimsical styles that feature a slide that comes down from the top bunk, or a tent for the bottom bunk.
Modern Metal Bunk Beds

There are also traditionally styled beds. Some children's beds will feature an attached desk or options beneath the bottom bunk for storing clothing and toys. To get to the top bunk, there are metal beds with steps or a ladder.
Contemporary Bunk Bed

There are also models of bunk beds that can be converted with ease into two twin sized beds if your space needs change or if you need a different sleeping arrangement. When choosing metal bunks that can be converted to single beds later on, be sure that you choose a bed that the child would like at any age.

Contemporary Bunk Beds
A new trend is the triple bunk bed which features sleeping space for three kids, and the trundle metal bunk bed that sleeps two in a regular bunk bed arrangement and then features a roll out bed beneath the bottom bunk that will sleep a third child. This type of bed is perfect for a sleepover and guests.

Modern Bunk Bed
You also want to ensure that there are guardrails on all four sides, and that the mattress for the metal bunk beds is the adequate size. Bunk beds are generally not a good idea for children who are less than six years of age, or for very small children of any age, especially if the child will be sleeping on the top bunk.


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