Baby Bedroom Decor

Baby Bedroom Decor

Baby Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Designing for a baby's bedroom isn't as simple as it sounds and your efforts can be quite frustrating at times. Suppose you have freshly painted the walls in your baby's bedroom according to an expensive theme and splurged quite a lot of money on the decor. But next week, much to your disappointment you will find that your baby bedroom decorating ideas have fallen flat on their face because the painstakingly painted and decorated walls have been scribbled all over with crayon art and collage.

Cool Baby Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If you think patterned wall paper in nursery rhymes designs will be a safer choice, you will be in for a greater shock because babys love to rip off wall papers or leave a stamp of their artistic efforts on that wall paper. That is why baby bedroom decorating ideas should hinge on two fulcrums, creativity and simplicity and it is possible for both of them to coexist harmoniously.

Baby Boys Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Basically baby bedroom decorating ideas will incorporate the paint, color, theme and decor of the bedroom. If the baby is a girl, the color of the theme can be pink or lavender or white and if the baby is a boy, it can be blue or orange or yellow or mint green. Your baby should always feel bright and happy and cheerful and orange, yellow, red and mint green are cheerful and bright colors that let the sunshine into the room effortlessly and will keep your baby joyful and spirited.

Baby Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A baby's bedroom should consist of a bed, a side table, a cupboard, seating arrangements or lounging area where he or she can play with toys, a carpet or rug on the floor, a stepping tool at the foot of the bed, a table, play zone if you have enough space to spare, pictures of cartoon characters and picture or drawing boards on the wall, colorful but matching curtains on the windows and doors, comfortable and cozy bedding, funky and fun pillows, Disney blankets etc.

baby Bedroom Decorating Ideas

If the paint on the wall is an acrylic emulsion and a washable distemper at that, you will be saved for you can wash off your baby's creative outputs on the walls. There are endless themes for baby bedroom decorating ideas such as Disney characters, Scooby Doo bedrooms, Tom and Jerry or Victorian baby bedroom etc.
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